Demand Gen Summit Spring 2021

Learn solutions to the modern Demand Gen Leader's most pressing issues.

Drive Demand

Learn from the world's best marketers and Demand Generation managers about the best tools to use to get the right customers into your funnel.

Engage Demand

The top business development reps will be sharing their knowledge on how to engage your visitors. They will reveal proven steps for business development reps' success.

Close Demand

The best sales managers and reps will be sharing how they close deals, including how companies and leaders are motivating, hiring and compensating sales teams.

Opening Keynotes

Tim Ash | International Speaker, Author, and Marketing Advisor | Unleash Your Primal Brain: tapping the unconscious to move people to action


Scott Rhodes | Associate Director, Marketing/Sales/Pricing, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) | Account Based Engagement


Drive Demand

Laura Patterson are you fishing in the right pond? segmentation, customer journey, personas

Are you Fishing in the Right Pond? | Laura Patterson | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 12, 2021

Overview Laura fully explains the why and how of identifying, understanding, and marketing to audiences.  Speaker As president of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., Laura is an expert in a customer-centric data-to-insights performance management approach to growth. Her specialties include customer onboarding, driving actionable insights from data, developing marketing metrics frameworks, and producing relevant marketing dashboards.  Quotes “We don’t market to buckets…

kate adams human in b2b

Kate Adams | Where’s the H(uman) in B2B? | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 11, 2021

Overview Kate expounds research-backed strategies to improve your sales and marketing processes by remembering that your prospects are human.  Speaker Kate Adams, SVP of Marketing at Validity, has more than 15 years of tech experience building strong businesses within different stages and industries. She believes deeply in bringing businesses to life in the hearts and minds of prospects…

chris beal cold calling faster master class

Cold Calling Faster Master Class | Chris Beall | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 11, 2021

Overview Chris teaches how to cold call faster and more effectively using data-backed techniques.  Speaker Chris Beall is CEO at ConnectAndSell. ConnectAndSell makes WFH for sales teams practical. Reps get 10x more conversations with decision-makers with zero effort. That makes prospecting – their most important job – fun and successful. ConnectAndSell gives managers perfect visibility, control, real-time coaching and continuous…

anthony linkedin ads quickstart

Anthony Blatner | LinkedIn Ads Quickstart | Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 11, 2021

Overview Anthony, LinkedIn ads expert, outlines his top tips and use cases of LinkedIn, which can be a powerful tool in targeting specific roles.  Speaker Anthony Blatner, CMO of Speedwork Social, has worked with hundreds of SaaS companies to optimize their LinkedIn ad campaigns.  Key Points LinkedIn Ads May be a Good Fit for you if:  Your…

shawn elledge the road map to driving demand

Shawn Elledge | The Road Map to Driving Demand

By Pete Ketchum | May 10, 2021

Overview Shawn goes through responses to many common challenges of lead generation strategies, such as email marketing, sales automation, and ABM to find the best road map to driving demand.  Speaker As Founder & CEO of SalesRocket, Shawn has developed deep expertise in B2B Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Direct Marketing including Database Marketing, Email Marketing,…

lianna kinard

Lianna Kinard | How Empathy is Essential to Marketing

By Pete Ketchum | May 10, 2021

Overview Lianna teaches her #1 lesson from the pandemic- the importance of using empathy in your marketing to relate to your customers.  Speaker Lianna Kinard, VP of Marketing at The Buckner Company, has worked in marketing within insurance for the last decade. For the past 5 years, she has led The Buckner Company‘s marketing efforts, generating innovative strategies…

How to Leverage a Personal Brand | Sam Nelson | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 6, 2021

Overview Sam outlines how to create and leverage your personal brand to create true fans, engaging content, and financial stability.  Speaker Sam Nelson is an SDR leader at Outreach and a content creator. He has leveraged his personal brand to create a large following on LinkedIn and his popular sales training newsletter at    Key Points…

patrick ketchum building a team brand in the pandemic

Patrick Ketchum | Building a Team Brand in the Pandemic | Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 6, 2021

Overview In an interview with Billy, Patrick discusses how his companies have responded to the pandemic with innovation and technology.  Speaker With a background in politics and technology, Patrick started 585 Strategies to provide medical care. He also created Inlay to facilitate medical staffing.    Quotes “We have a lot of work to do. Healthcare in general…

Mark Emond the 5 essential elements of revenue marketing success

Mark Emond | The 5 Essential Elements of Revenue Marketing Success | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit

By Pete Ketchum | May 5, 2021

Overview Mark explains 5 essential aspects of revenue marketing success, including research, alignment, development, engagement, and automation.  Speaker Mark founded and leads Demand Spring, an organization of dynamic, experienced individuals with a passion for working with B2B Marketers in building the marketing strategies, content, and technology stacks that drive transformation and top-line results. We work…

Marie Patterson Changing the Conversation Driving Demand Chatbots

Marie Patterson | Changing the Conversation: Driving Demand

By Pete Ketchum | May 5, 2021

Overview Marie shares her tips on how to use chatbots to generate a high ROI in the form of capturing leads. She details the changes we need to make in how we think about the customer’s journey.  Speaker As a pioneer of measurable ROI-based marketing automation, digital marketing and content marketing, Marie has spent the past…

kyle woodruff demand generation essential building blocks

Kyle Woodruff | Essential Building Blocks for a Great Demand Program | Demand Gen Summit

By Pete Ketchum | May 4, 2021

Overview Kyle Woodruff explains his 3 essential building blocks to creating a great demand generation program: defining your target audience, value-based messaging, and mixing marketing channels.  Speaker Kyle, VP of Marketing at Emmersion, has a strong background in marketing for some of Utah’s forefront technology companies, including Talkdesk, Pluralsight, and Domo. His entrepreneurial background has provided an effective platform to learn and apply…

Engage Demand

suaad sait the modern saas sales leader needs to be a full funnel leader

Suaad Sait | The Modern Saas Sales Leader Needs to be a Full Funnel Leader

By Pete Ketchum | May 12, 2021

Overview Suaad Sait of XANT presents attributes that the Modern Sales Leader must have including focusing on the full funnel.  Speaker Suaad is President of Growth at XANT. As a high tech industry senior executive, Suaad has played leadership roles at high growth software and cloud technology companies driving value creation of over $15B. Most recently, Suaad was the EVP, Products & Markets…

david dulaney the new gtm organization

David Dulany | The New GTM Organization | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 12, 2021

Overview David goes through the new Go-to-market organization strategy, including creating demand, converting demand, and fulfilling demand.  Speaker David is a sales development expert! He hosts the #1 Sales Development Podcast and is Founder/CEO of Tenbound.  Quotes “The customer doesn’t care about you or your company. They care about the problems they’re trying to solve and…

marty hamilton engagement

Marty Hamilton | From B2B/B2C to B2Me: How Engagement Educates and Leads to Better Outcomes

By Pete Ketchum | May 11, 2021

Overview Marty explains the importance of looking at the buyer’s journey through the buyers eyes. He looks at how content marketing can help your sales.  Speaker Over the past several years Marty has led a team of marketers in developing business lines and utilizing the newest trends and technology. He uses PPC, SEM, and SEO, to attract…

heidi bullock deal acceleration

Heidi Bullock | In it to Win It: Tips for Deal Acceleration and Helping Sales | ChatFunnels

By Pete Ketchum | May 11, 2021

Overview Heidi goes through the process of optimizing every step of the funnel, including aligning on fundamentals, prioritizing and understanding accounts, and acting and driving results.  Speaker Heidi is an industry- respected leader in SaaS marketing. She is CMO at Tealium, former CMO at Engagio (acquired by Demandbase), and former GVP Global Marketing at Marketo, an Adobe company.…

darryl praill sales and marketing alignment done right

Darryl Praill | Sales and Marketing Alignment Done Right

By Pete Ketchum | May 10, 2021

Overview Darryl, with a background in sales, marketing, and revenue, explains 10 key steps to aligning your sales and marketing which can increase your overall revenue by 30%+.  Speaker Darryl, CRO of VanillaSoft, is a veteran Vice President of Marketing, an occasional Vice President of Sales, and often a Vice President of Sales and Marketing.…

shane murphy how to supercharge your sales funnel with pipeline plays

Shane Murphy | How to Supercharge Your Sales Funnel with “Pipeline Plays”

By Pete Ketchum | May 6, 2021

Overview Shane explains the ways marketing has fundamentally changed and how automatically sent out “pipeline plays” can revolutionize your strategy.  Speaker Murphy-Reuter is Chief Marketing Officer at ZoomInfo. He comes to ZoomInfo with years of executive experience at companies selling data-powered software for go-to-market teams. Prior to ZoomInfo, he served as Senior VP of Global Marketing at Intercom, the…

Hugh Macfarlane | Buyer-Centric Strategy | Demand Gen Summit

By Pete Ketchum | May 6, 2021

Overview Hugh outlines the buyers’ journey step by step and goes through the steps needed to have sales and marketing aligned on a truly buyer-centric strategy.  Speaker Hugh has proven his belief in a buyer-centric approach by successfully leading literally hundreds of marketing growth projects in six continents. He has trained thousands of B2B marketers…

brian giese ai in the b2b world contact data

Brian Giese | AI in the B2B World | Demand Gen Summit

By Pete Ketchum | May 5, 2021

Overview Brian takes a look at the direction demand gen is headed. Marketers need contact data. However, data coupled with intent is much more powerful.  Speaker Brian Giese is co-founder of TrueInfluence. His technology, InsightBase, won the 2019 MarTech Award. Customers use the True Influence Marketing Cloud to identify key business trends and identify individual contacts when they are…

Demand gen study 2021 results james oldroyd

James Oldroyd | Demand Gen Study 2021 Results

By Pete Ketchum | May 4, 2021

Overview The speakers run through the results of the Demand Gen Study, with the goal to identify emerging marketing techniques and optimal demand generation strategy.  Speaker Professor James Oldroyd is a professor of strategy at BYU. His research has been published in the Harvard Business Review. He teaches undergraduates, MBAs, and industry executives.  Tanner Sundwall, Marketing Analyst…

Close Demand

Scott Logan | How to Get the Meeting | Demand Gen Summit

By Pete Ketchum | May 12, 2021

Overview Scott outlines the how and why of the calendar-first approach, a radically effective new approach to engaging qualified leads.  Speaker Scott, VP of Marketing at Kronologic, is an experience demand generation leader who builds strategies to grow B2B companies.  Quotes “We’re too focused on outputs, not opportunities.” “Opportunities created and pipeline are not the best…

ed bilat storytelling in sales

Ed Bilat | Storytelling in Sales | Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 11, 2021

Overview Storytelling has a profound impact on people. It effortlessly shifts your audience into their imaginative state where you dictate not only the direction of the story but also the path you want your prospect to take. It’s the only technique that allows you to build instant connections and instill trust in less than a…

sunniya saleem accelerate mid-funnel demand

Sunniya Saleem | How to Accelerate Mid-funnel Demand | Demand Gen Summit Spring 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 10, 2021

Overview Sunniya explains how she optimized mid-funnel demand by analyzing, personalizing, nurturing, aligning, and delighting.  Speaker Sunniya Saleem, Head of Demand Generation and Digital Marketing at Quickbase, is is responsible for revenue marketing, demand generation, digital marketing and field marketing. She has led her team to expand their strategy from a heavy transactional use case model, to driving value for the customer…

opening is the new closing peter strohkorb

Peter Strohkorb | Opening is the New Closing | Demand Gen Summit

By Pete Ketchum | May 10, 2021

Overview Peter runs through the new sales funnel, explaining how focusing on the customers’ perspective generates better results.  Speaker Peter’s business, Peter Strohkorb Advisory – “More Sales, Faster” has helped clients win more sales, faster. He worked for 10 years’ owning and running several startups and another 20+ years’ in sales and marketing leadership roles in multinational technology corporations like…

brandon bornancin persona driven outbound sales

Brandon Bornancin | Writing the Perfect Sales Pitch

By Pete Ketchum | May 10, 2021

Overview Brandon outlines the 6 essential elements of a successful sales pitch. He emphasizes focusing on the prospect, complimenting them, and adapting your product to their needs.  Speaker Brandon is CEO & Founder of Seamless.AI, #1 best-selling author of 10+ books, a serial salesperson (sold over $100M in sales), eight-figure entrepreneur (2x), and motivational speaker who…

Alice Heiman a day in the life of your buyer

A Day in the Life of Your Buyer | Alice Heiman | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 5, 2021

Overview Alice outlines the importance of understanding you customers’ daily life and how you can get to know their experience as a human being.  Speaker According to “Heiman is a diligent student and teacher of what works. She is among the world’s leading experts on the complex sale.” Heiman strategizes with CEOs and sales…

Keriann Aronson inbound lead engagement magic

Keriann Aronson | Inbound Lead Engagement Magic

By Pete Ketchum | May 5, 2021

Overview Keriann explains her strategy in engaging with inbound leads, including testing, qualifying, and using data and automation while maintaining a personal touch.  Speaker Keriann is the Business Development Manager at Pantheon Platform. She manages and trains BDRs, often exceeding her quotas.    Quotes “Since our team is made up of different functions, it’s really important to…

Renata Centurion moments that matter & customer centricity: listen demand gen summit

Renata Centurion | Moments that Matter & Customer Centricity: Listen | Demand Gen

By Pete Ketchum | May 5, 2021

Overview Renata’s strategy involves creating memorable experiences for customers that drive recurring revenue and exponential growth.  Speaker Renata has been working with B2B sales for more than 20 years, in multinational companies like Bayer, Merial, Groupon, and others. Fast forward to today, Renata is the Director for Latin America at Winning by Design.    Key Points Keys to…

lorena morales intersection between abm & revops

Lorena Morales | The Intersection between ABM & RevOps

By Pete Ketchum | May 5, 2021

Overview Lorena explains her strategy around Revenue Operations and how both revenue and sales departments should shift their approach to the funnel.  Speaker Lorena is the head of marketing at Go Nimbly, the first revenue operations consultancy with the goal of driving high-growth companies to increase revenue by 26% through eliminating operational silos. She is…

Dale Dupree creating a robust demand funnel through relationships and branding

Dale Dupree | Creating a Robust Demand Funnel through Relationships and Branding

By Pete Ketchum | May 4, 2021

Overview Dale explains his revolutionary approach to sales: creating relationships, branding, and experiences.  Speaker Dale is the Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion, where he offers sales coaching and training. Additionally, he also the host of the Selling Local podcast and worked as a copier salesman for many years before beginning his own company.    Quotes “Experiential sales techniques are…

Cisco terreros

Cisco Terreros | The Power of No | Demand Gen Summit 2021

By Pete Ketchum | May 4, 2021

Overview Cisco shares his inspiring story of moving to the US as a teenager and going from sleeping on the floor to owning a successful business. He shares his 3 tips for overcoming failure and staying motivated.  Speaker Cisco, Co-Founder of Felkrem, is a c-level marketing executive with over 17 years of experience in the sports industry. He has…