Brian Giese | AI in the B2B World | Demand Gen Summit

brian giese ai in the b2b world contact data


Brian takes a look at the direction demand gen is headed. Marketers need contact data. However, data coupled with intent is much more powerful. 


Brian Giese is co-founder of TrueInfluence. His technology, InsightBase, won the 2019 MarTech Award. Customers use the True Influence Marketing Cloud to identify key business trends and identify individual contacts when they are in the discovery stage. 



“We’re looking at technographic, firmographic, and contact data and web interactions, and we can expose it to a marketer.” 

“Timing is everything. You should intersect with the person when they want to be contacted, because whether you like it or not, they’re moving around. When that interaction happens, it happens when they’re ready, not before.” 

Key Points

Future trends: 

Bring many different platforms together, including programmatic display, email, contact data, etc.