Targeted Emails Triggered by Visitor Actions

Signals' Contextual Emails, integrated with PlayRunner workflows, are strategically timed and relevant communications sent during key moments of a visitor's website journey. Capable of responding to both manual requests and those triggered by account activities, they provide valuable content like white papers, webinar invitations, or marketing documents.

Contextual Emails

Enhance Engagement

Send contextual emails based on visitor behavior, boosting engagement and response rates.

Automate Email Outreach

Streamline marketing with automated, tailored emails triggered by specific user actions.

Increase Email Conversion

Leverage user activity to create targeted email campaigns, increasing conversion opportunities.

Timely Engagement, Amplified Reach

In the digital marketing arena, timing and relevance are everything. Signals' Contextual Emails, seamlessly integrated into Playrunner workflows, embody these essential elements. These emails are not mere communications; they are strategically crafted messages sent at pivotal moments in a visiting account's journey on your website. 

Streamlining Engagement with Targeted Email Triggers

Optimize your email marketing strategy using Signals' Contextual Emails.

This tool triggers emails based on real-time user interactions on your site, such as visiting specific pages or engaging with content. These automated, context-aware emails provide information or offers that are directly relevant to the user's recent activity, boosting efficiency in your marketing communication. This strategic approach not only saves time but also ensures that your audience receives content that resonates with their current interests, driving higher engagement and more effective conversions.

Contextual Emails

Contextual Email Features

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