22 AI Insight for Sales, Marketing, & Go-To-Market

Learn from 30+ of the industry leaders on how their teams are leveraging the power of AI to generate Revenue.

22 AI Insights for Sales Marketing and Go-to-market

What's Inside This Playbook?

With this playbook, you'll discover:

  • How to leverage AI to become better at your job
  • What AI Tools are working for leading Sales and Marketing teams
  • Increasing productivity with AI
  • Learn how to stay ahead of the latest AI trends

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Dave Elkington

“What happened a year ago was we no longer require deep mathematical expertise to become a data scientist or a machine learning expert. Literally, anybody who has the ability to interact with a prompt can become a data scientist. It's stunning!

Dave Elkington

Jon Miller (2)

"I always tell my team they have to remember that in GPT, the T stands for Transformer, you know, not Creator. What that means is these tools are actually really, really good at content transformation, taking something that you have in one form and turning it into another form."

Jon Miller

Katie Penner

“I'm sure we've all heard the narrative that AI will replace all salespeople. However, human-to-human connection is actually more important than ever. AI should be leveraged by revenue-generating teams to make their efforts more efficient... Humans that leverage AI will outperform those that don't.”

Katie Penner

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Signals intent scoring, powered by predictive AI, identifies what accounts will most likely convert into opportunities. We will provide recommendations on what accounts are worth pursuing based on an accounts behavior and notify you of changes in their intent.