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29 Demand Gen Insights: Sales, Marketing, & Go-To Market

Discover valuable insights from more than 30 industry leaders as they share how their teams effectively employ Demand Generation tactics to drive revenue.

With 2024 fast approaching, businesses are challenged to do more with less. Check out the blueprint to learn what strategies companies are using to level up their demand generation.

Learn from 30+ of the industry leaders on how their teams are leveraging the power of AI to generate Revenue.

Transform your business with '18 Demand Gen Strategies to Start Implementing' – the ultimate guide to driving Demand Gen growth.

Signals' Native HubSpot Integration

Generating new sales contacts can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, our integration simplifies the entire process.

By integrating our platform, you can easily add companies and contacts that visit your website to your HubSpot CRM.

This can help fill your team's calendars with deals and tasks, making the process of filling your sales pipeline smoother and more efficient than ever before.

22 RevTech Plays To Implement At Your Company

This comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for proven strategies, tactics, and technology tools that can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

2023 Ultimate Strategy Guide For Marketing & Sales

Looking for expert insights to boost your marketing and sales game? Packed with proven strategies from over 50 marketing and sales leaders, this is a must-read for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Demand Generation Blueprint

This "Blueprint of Demand Gen" is intended to show how demand generation programs can be implemented strategically in a way that incorporates the fundamentals of ABM and encourages close alignment between marketing and sales.

Those businesses that can successfully implement an adaptive demand gen program will reap the rewards in terms of increased revenue. Demand generation in 2023 will be all about the customer experience and marketing/sales alignment.

2023 Account-Based Engagement Strategy Guide

In this strategy guide, you will discover the best and most actionable account-based engagement practices to engage and convert your leads into paying customers. You’ll see how creating alignment between marketing, sales, and service will yield better focus, communication, and personalized experiences for your buyers.

25 Demand Gen Strategies & Trends

This is an abridgment of the Demand Gen Summit, a one-day virtual event showcasing 30+ of the industry’s leading sales and marketing leaders where they revealed the latest growth trends and strategies being used by some of the world’s leading organizations.

Study- 2022 Demand Gen Benchmark Study

The 2022 DGS Spring Benchmark study aims to identify the most popular and effective marketing strategies in the first half of 2022. We used survey results gathered from attendees of our latest Demand Gen Summit and analyzed the behaviors of 300+ companies.

DGSS22 Benchmark Book-Mockup

Archive360 x Signals - How they increased conversations to meetings booked by 125%

Find out how Archive360 started working with Signals in January 2020 with the primary focus of optimizing conversation close won deals, increasing site coverage, and raising engagement with target accounts.

Study- 2022 RevTech Strategies and Trends

We surveyed 600+ demand gen professionals to learn the most effective growth strategies for 2022 and onward.

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25 Insider Secrets of Account-Based Engagement

This e-book features key strategies and takeaways from industry-leading speakers at our ABE Summit held in August 2021.

25 ABE Secrets

Study- 2021 Spring Demand Gen Strategies and Trends

We surveyed 600+ demand gen professionals to learn the most effective growth strategies for 2021 and onward.


The Demand Gen Leader's 2021 Cheatsheet

Learn 37 Lessons from 2021's best Demand Gen Leaders. We condensed the key points from 37 leaders at the Demand Gen Summit 2021.

2021 Demand Gen Cheatsheet

How Signals consulting helped Pantheon book 88% more meetings

Thanks to their partnership with Signals, Pantheon was able to achieve their goals: chatbots helped them book 88% more meetings. Personalization based on intent, A/B testing, and SDR agent training contributed to this dramatic payoff.


30 RevTech Strategies for 2021

We compiled top findings from the industry expert presentations at the RevTech Summit 2021 to help you learn how to optimize your tech stack.


25 Secrets from Experts on Demand Gen

This e-book, recapping the Demand Gen Summit 2020, features 25 marketing and sales leaders who share strategies for optimizing your company's funnel.

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2021 Annual RevTech Benchmark Study

The Annual RevTech Benchmark Study outlines marketing and sales technology usage across software groups, industries, company sizes, and geographical regions. After surveying over 800 professionals, we put together a comprehensive study with insights into the state of the sales and marketing tech industry. Learn about the essential industry trends to help your company stand out and rise above the competition.
2021 Revtech Benchmark

3 Secrets to Setting Appointments Using Bots

Understanding how to effectively book a meeting with a bot is vital in the marketing world. Demos allow buyers to see how a product or service could help their business. Using bots to schedule appointments is one way to boost sales and increase leads, while simultaneously cutting costs. In this day and age, quickly getting a hold of customers and responding fast is something that is expected. Don't let your business fall behind the times. Set up your bots, follow best practices, and test to optimize!
3 Secrets to Setting Appointments using a bot

5 Secrets to Killing it with Live Chat

Live chat has proven to be a crucial part of the customer experience. It lets the customer be in control of how much help they need and when they access that help. The modern customer has high expectations for customer service, making it essential to optimize your live chat practices. Keep those response times down, take time to practice, and be a human! Then watch those conversion rates skyrocket.
5 Secrets to Killin it with Live ChaT

5 Secrets to Increasing Webinar Attendance by 30%

Webinars are crucial to the marketing world. They provide a more engaging and hands-on experience, allow hosts to cater to their audiences, give valuable information to promote loyalty, and provide a more flexible formatting platform to spread information. We need them, and by using these tips, you can watch your webinar attendance skyrocket!
5 Secrets to increasing webinar attendance