Case Study

Archive 360

Signals x Archive360

Archive360 is a trusted PaaS platform used by organizations worldwide. It securely migrates digital data to the cloud and manages it for regulatory, legal, and business intelligence obligations. It's a reliable solution for companies looking to improve their data management practices. With Archive360, businesses can easily handle their data in a responsible and secure manner.


Conversational Marketing

Archive360 switched from low performing forms to Signals’ intelligent engagement based product. As a result, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) increased 19% in 2021

Site Coverage

By replacing stagnant forms from their web pages to include high-intent pages, Archive360 was able to activate intelligent automated engagements, then notify and route in the appropriate agents into chats based on their web site visitor’s behaviors.



Archive360 has increased web visitor engagements, and MQL’s while limiting roadblocks. While increasing site coverage allowing visitors to engage at different stages of the buyers journey that match their level of intent.

Start seeing your Buyers' signals

Signals is helping companies automate, grow, and close sales pipeline with industry-leading predictive intent scoring, lead generation, and real-time engagement.

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