Strategic Lead Routing and Instant Notifications

Signals' Routing and Notifications system is meticulously designed to navigate the intricacies of any sales team structure, no matter how diverse. This intelligent routing ensures that each visitor is connected to the most appropriate sales representative, enhancing visitor experience and efficiency.


Streamline Lead Distribution

Automatically route leads to appropriate sales reps, ensuring efficient and effective lead management.

Real-Time Alerts for Sales

Receive instant notifications on key sales activities, enabling timely follow-ups and engagement.

Enhance Sales Response

Customize alert settings for different scenarios, ensuring sales teams respond swiftly to high-priority leads.

Streamlined Connections, Instant Updates

Our system includes customizable notification options for your sales team. Whether it’s through email, text messages, or in-app alerts, your team stays informed and ready to act. They'll receive instant updates when a meeting is booked when an account with an open opportunity visits your website and other key indicators of buyer interest. This feature enables your team to cut through the noise and respond swiftly to potential opportunities. With Signals' Routing and Notifications, you empower your sales force with the tools they need to act quickly and effectively, capitalizing on every opportunity that your website generates. 

Real-Time Alerts Revolutionize Sales Engagement

A dynamic sales team at a fast-growing startup was facing challenges in managing and prioritizing leads.

The implementation of Signals' Routing and Notifications changed the game. The real-time alerts on key account activities enabled sales reps to act swiftly, focusing their efforts on high-potential leads. This ability not only improved their response time but also enhanced the overall buyer experience, leading to a notable boost in successful deals

Custom Alerts

Routing and Notification Features:

Routing & Notifications lead asgnmnt
Routing & Notifications alerts
Routing & Notifications tracking
Engage With Potential Buyers

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