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Save time and money by engaging with the right people. Signals helps you identify, segment, and engage with your online traffic to help your marketing and sales teams know who to target!

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  • Learn how signal marketing can help you convert, retain, and grow your business
  • Pinpoint who is on your site to find the right people to engage with
  • Focus on accounts that are ready to buy
  • Manage how you want to engage with your target accounts
  • Engage with your contacts at the right time to help drive sales and increase conversion
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Signals is a leader in Bot Platforms on G2
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How Signals Works


We Help Identify Who Is On Your Website

Our platform helps identify who is on your site and what company they are from using:

By knowing who is on your website, you can pinpoint which buyers are a good fit for your product. This allows you to save time and money on your sales and marketing resources.


We Help Segment The "Signals" You Want To Track

Define the “Signals” you're interested in tracking and our platform notifies you once your target audience has performed those actions.

Divide your web traffic into segments to “Signal” so you can build a meaningful engagement strategy.


We Help You Engage With The Right People At The Right Time

Automate your outreach to the right people, at the right companies, at the right time using:

Personalize your strategy at every step to create the best customer experience for all of your ideal customers!

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Check Out Our Case Studies

In ARR Booked Using Signals
David Pearson

“Our Sales Team knows that Signals is a system they can rely on, that it’s a system they can trust to get them the right leads at the right time”

David Pearson - Marketing Manager


Increase In Conversations To Meetings 
Marie Patterson

“Signals makes our business development team more productive by allowing us to have the right conversation with the right person at the right time.”

Marie Patterson - CMO


Increase in Meetings Booked
Sarah Fruy

"I love the data-driven approach Signals utilizes. Specifically, A/B testing has led to impactful discoveries and improvements"

Sarah Fruy - Director of Marketing


Here's What People Have to Say About Signals

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Leader 2023
Best Est. ROI 2023
High Performer 2023
Best Support 2023
Momentum Leader 2023
Marketing Manager

Jeff A.

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"So much more than a chatbot and loving the lead identity"

"We love the data that Signals is able to provide about our site traffic and segments regardless of whether a visitor engages with a chatbot or not. We get to stay informed when our target accounts hit the site and we get the buying committees of our ICP companies automatically sent over to our CRM in real-time."

Co-Founder, COO

Matt L.

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"Sales prospecting made easy"

"The Signals system has increased our leads without pushing us to spend more in marketing, by taking our current traffic and making ways for us to engage with current traffic levels.

unnamed (1)
Customer Success Executive

Katie B.

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"Great solution for CS & sales engagement!"

"We are able to easily take chats from customers and it does a great job of only adding you to conversations with customers you’re responsible for. Our sales team gets conversations with possible new customers and we only see chats for current customers."

Head of Outbound Sales

Braxton A.

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"Signals takes the guesswork out of conversion"

"I don’t have to assume or guess where my customers are engaging. I know what’s working and how to improve at each stage of the funnel."

Director Of Ecommerce

Cameron M.

Five Star Rating Svg Png Icon Free Download (#530208) - OnlineWebFonts.COM

"Taking current web visitors to the next-gen level of marketing efforts"

"We are wildly in love with the service and customization option get using the system. Our goal has been to pull details from a prospect level and then step into the creep factor just a bit by reaching out to visitors and the buying party. I know others do this too but this system is slick and easy to connect with our salesforce."

Director of Demand Gen

Mark C.

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"Fantastic & different chat system"

"I love the chatbot flows, drag & drop simplicity, and features... but the onboarding, training & CS is unparalleled in the space."

Client Growth

Preston B.

Five Star Rating Svg Png Icon Free Download (#530208) - OnlineWebFonts.COM

"Marketing automation made easy"

"My favorite thing about Signals is how customizable it is. By being able to completely customize and tailor the program to our needs, we are better able to reach our target market and get more conversations going from our website traffic."

Salesforce & Five9 Consultant

Alonzo M.

Five Star Rating Svg Png Icon Free Download (#530208) - OnlineWebFonts.COM

"Best value for time & effort"

"We needed more alerts to get us on chats with people. The thing we like the best is being able to get an alert anytime we want in the bot working"

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