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Signals Smart Marketing simplifies your tech stack while helping you listen, interpret, and engage with accounts that are ready to buy.

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Account Identification: buying committee

Knowing Your Numbers is Good, Knowing Your Buyers is Better.

Signals will help you know which accounts are on your website, what pages they have visited, if they are a likely buyer and who the best contacts are to reach out to. These Gen AI tools include:
By using automation, signals can detect when an account visits your website and matches your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This triggers our system to search for contacts at that company who match your desired buying personas. Finally, these contacts can be enrolled in your marketing automation system to begin receiving emails.

Stop Guessing Who Your Buyers Are and Start Knowing...

Use Signals to power-up your marketing strategies and finally know your website visitor's behavior in real-time. A few of our extensive tools to ensure your success include:

Real Time Tracking

Cut Through the Noise and Start Selling to Buyers that are Ready.

Signals addresses the issue of ineffective sales outreach by offering a suite of features specifically built to help your team sell more with:

Award-Winning Generative AI Solution

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Empowering Marketing & Sales with Buyer Signals

Producing ROI at Every Stage
Laser-Focused Targeting
Signals empowers marketers to precisely target their ideal audience. By segmenting website visitors based on industry , company size, and behavior, it's like having a bullseye for your marketing efforts, ensuring your messaging reaches the right people.


Real-Time Intelligence

With Signals, marketers gain immediate access to real-time insights into visitor behavior. This real-time data acts as your compass, guiding your marketing strategies and allowing you to adapt swiftly for maximum impact.

Engagement Amplified

Signals' insights enable marketers to craft web content that speaks directly to their audience's needs. The result? Increased website engagement, longer visits, and higher conversion rate - like turning up the volume on your marketing efforts.

Account Insights Unleashed
Sales teams can now access invaluable insights about which companies are actively engaging with your website and which content captures their interest. Armed with this knowledge, your sales efforts become highly targeted and informed.
Streamlined Sales Process
Signals simplifies the sales journey by offering real-time insights into website visitors. Your Sales team can identify warm accounts more efficiently, allowing them to focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals rather than searching for cold leads.
Prospect to Customer Mastery
With Signals' Insights, your sales professional can customize their outreach to align with each potential buyer's unique needs and preferences. This tailored approach leads to more meaningful conversations, higher conversion rates and a boost in closed deals won.
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