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How We Discover Hidden Contacts

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1. ICP

Ideal Customer Profile

Signals generates your ideal customer profile and potential buyers.
• Use your current customers to identify key industries, location...
• Identify key buyers using titles to create buying personas to connect with decision makers.
Account Engagement

Identify & Track Companies

Signals identifies when a company comes to your website:
• Stop guessing who is on your site and put real company names to visitors.
• Gain insights into what companies are doing.
7. Enrollment

Automate Contact Discovery and Outreach

Use Signals AI technology to determine the best person to contact.
• Automate emails send directly from signals
• Send lists to your CRM or Email tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Sendinblue, and Salesloft.

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Will Signals Work for Me?

Generate enough profit that will exceed the cost of Signals
Lead Enrichment
Use reverse IP identification and know who is on your site ready to buy.​
Shorter Sales Cycles
Contact your leads faster and engage with them when they are on your site. Don't wait for them to fill a form.
Market Insights
Know what pages your prospect accounts are on, and what they are interested in.
Sales Will Love You
Your Sales teams get quality information on companies, contacts, and behaviors to prioritize leads and be more effective on their calls.
Marketing can view reports on what companies are visiting and generate targeted messaging.
Integrations to your CRM/Marketing Software so you don't miss a beat on new information captured.
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