Automate Your Lead Discovery

Signals is an innovative marketing automation platform designed specifically for sales and marketing leaders in B2B companies. Our mission is to transform your lead discovery process, making it more efficient, insightful, and productive. Let's take a journey through our platform, exploring how each feature contributes to your marketing automation and can transform your lead discovery and sales strategy.

Real Time Visitor Tracking

With Signals, you get x-ray vision into your website visitors. Discover who visits your website, track their journey across your pages, understand their traffic sources, and even initiate real-time conversations.

Real Time Tracking
Automate your ICP with SIgnals. All you need to do is connect your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and identify how you label your customers. Signals then use your CRM's historical data to recommend criteria for an ICP fit.

Automate Your ICP Creation

Identifying the right accounts to target is crucial. Signals simplifies this by automating the creation of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) using your CRM's historical data. Connect your CRM, define your customer labels, and let Signals craft the perfect ICP for you.

CRM Connectivity Made Easy

Signals ensures effortless integration if you're using HubSpot, Salesforce, or any other CRM through Zapier. Utilize your CRM's historical data to identify trends in your ICP or build segments, and map extensive fields to your CRM to leverage all the data Signals gathers.

Signals has native integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce. If you have a different CRM, no problem! We have integrated with Zapier as well. Signals pulls historical data from your CRM to help identify trends in your ICP or build segments. We can also map endless fields to your CRM, allowing you to take advantage of all the data Signals collects.

Comprehensive Data visualization

Account Identification

Signals collects data from various sources, including web visits and your CRM, and presents it in a dashboard. Track trending accounts, potential leads, recently viewed accounts, and ICPs in one centralized location.

Comprehensive Data Visualization

Signals collects data from various sources, including web visits and your CRM, and presents it in a dashboard. Track trending accounts, potential leads, recently viewed accounts, and ICPs in one centralized location.

Target the Right Buyers

Signals doesn't just provide insights; it actively helps identify contacts that match your desired buying personas. Specify titles, departments, and seniority levels, and let Signals populate your sales funnel with qualified leads.

Account Identification: buying committee
By using automation, signals can detect when an account visits your website and matches your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This triggers our system to search for contacts at that company who match your desired buying personas. Finally, these contacts can be enrolled in your marketing automation system to begin receiving emails.

Automate Contact Identification

Our Contact Discovery process automates the identification of highly qualified contacts. When an account matches your ICP, Signals finds contacts at that company aligning with your buying personas, ready to be engaged through your marketing automation system.

Boost Email Engagement

With Signals, your cold email lists gain unprecedented effectiveness. Our studies show a 65% higher open rate and a 410% higher click-through rate with leads sourced through Signals, whether you're using Marketo, HubSpot, Brevo, or Signals itself.

Contextual Emails

AI-Powered Lead Scoring

Signals Score tracks visitor interactions, providing a predictive AI-based score visible on our Dashboard. This score helps you gauge the potential of accounts to convert into customers, enhancing your decision-making process.

Customized Notifications

Stay ahead of the game with personalized notifications. Signals allows you to set up alerts via email, text, or in-product, informing you about key account visits, live chat requests, scheduled meetings, and more, ensuring you never miss a critical engagement opportunity.

Routing and Notifications

Personalized Chatbot Automation

Lighten your workload with micro-automation. Signals' chatbots enable you to engage visitors automatically, sending tailored messages to those matching your ICP or targeting highly qualified leads.

Schedule Meetings

With comprehensive insights and contact lists at your disposal, it's time to engage. Signals helps you automate the process, allowing for seamless scheduling of meetings. As leads show interest, easily integrate your calendar in chats, ensuring they connect with the right representative at the right time.

Meeting Automation

Discover the Future of Lead Generation

Join us at Signals, where your journey towards efficient, insightful, and successful lead discovery awaits. Let's transform how you identify, engage, and convert your potential buyers.