Contact Discovery™ Motion

With Signals’ Contact Discovery™ you now have a way to drive High Qualified Leads from a website visit straight into your sales funnel. Stop missing out on potential buyers visiting your website and start interpreting their needs and take action with Signals.


1. Signals connects to your CRM and create a profile of your ideal customer and buying committee.

1. ICP

2. A company lands on your website.

2. Visitor

3. Signals identifies the company by Company Reveal™. If the company matches your ICP, Signals will create an account with a full company bio.

3. Company Reveal

4. Signals segments the visiting account by a variety of behaviors and attributes. i.e. how many visits they’ve had in a month, did they come from a google ad, etc.

4. Segments

5. Signals finds and adds the buying committee contact information to the account.

5. Contact Info

6. Signals can send emails to those contacts based on their titles, location and other attributes to ensure value and relevancy is delivered to the recipient.

6. Emails

7. Signals can then enroll those contacts into a sales cadence at any point to get your team calling and making the right connections.

7. Enrollment

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