Conversational Marketing Case Studies | Signals

LiveView Technologies

LVT was experiencing difficulties in identifying dark funnel leads. Additionally, they run a multi-tiered sales process, which makes routing to the correct agents difficult. LVT knew they needed a better way to get leads to the correct agent, based on qualifiers, quicker. Thereby improving their speed-to-lead process.


Our product is for Dr's on the go. So this an attempt to improve the flow of communication at the point of visitation. The entire sales experience was amazing. The customer service team has made onboarding and  setting up our engagement strategy seamless and easy.

Jesse Anthony - VP Of Marketing


Signals makes our business development team more productive by allowing us to have the right conversation
with the right person at the right time.

Marie Patterson - CMO Archive360

Buckner Insurance

We are an independent broker. The benefit with using Signals it has made our website interactive and changed the point of engagement. Instead of just being an information giving site now we have data collection and the ability to stay on top of clients needs a whole lot easier.

Amber Evans - Head Of Marketing

Engaging your ideal customer is made even easier

Bridging the gap between sales and marketing with a touch of automation and human interaction. PlayRunner is the evolution of old school marketing tactics with some serious engagement tools to help level up your pipeline with the right ICP.