Account-Based Orchestration Platform

PlayRunner is the first platform-wide orchestration tool for conversational marketing. It enables users to develop their entire engagement strategy in one flow.

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Engaging with your ideal customer is made even easier with the use of PlayRunner, a new way for account-based engagement

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Introducing Plays

Within your PlayRunner, groups of actions can be created (Plays). This is similar to the relationship between bot nodes and sequences.

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Create personalized experiences

A PlayRunner segment can be created using a variety of skills, such as how many times a site visitor has visited, what page they are on, or specific company segments. PlayRunner allows you to connect skills that make up the segments you are creating.

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Automated Prospecting

Save time Finding Contact Information

PlayRunner’s Prospecting feature will search for key stakeholders at the visitor’s organization and add them to an external & internal email/marketing campaign. This saves BDRs lots of time that they would otherwise be spending looking up contacts manually.

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Personalized Engagement


Unlock more of the sales pipeline, engage in real-time with your ideal customer, setup real-time alerts to identify when an ICP lands on a specific page of your website so you can then utilize any of the personalized engagement strategies

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With PlayRunner, you can do it all in one place. The reports displayed on the individual dashboards allow you to manage your plays, chatbots, and emails. You can use these reports to make decisions that will improve site visitor engagement. You can use these reports to gain insight into the user experience and identify visitor behavior.

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Drag & Drop Builder

Creating a new workflow has never been easier

The user-friendly drag-and-drop builder makes it easy for new users to create, modify, and organize flows. Easily move, delete, or clone a node or cluster of nodes for bulk editing. This functionality is in opposition to the rigid, automatic branching structure of many automation and workflow tools in the B2B market. 

You can automate the process of engaging your web visitors beyond the traditional bot flow.


Know who and where your web site visitors are and their interests. You can use LiveView to view, pre-qualify, and receive alerts about visitors on your site and engage with them proactively. You can also see where your visitors are coming from with a map view.


Based on a website visitor's behavior, you can easily drag and drop engagement tactics using orchestrated workflows. With just one workflow, you can execute your entire strategy, firing bots, notifying agents, sending emails, finding contacts, and adding to external campaigns.

Live Chat

A relevant and quick response to a prospect's question can lead to a quick win or loss. That is why we have created an easy to use chat dashboard where you can not only conduct live chat with a prospect or customer, but you have account and behavior based in formation on that prospect in the same window. You'll be able to see the status of their account, their last conversation, their company information, and more.


With PlayRunner, you have access to six dashboards that are highly organized and focused, including agent chat, account-based engagement, reporting, A/B testing, PlayRunner, and chatbots. You can find insights here about web visitors, current and potential pipelines, upcoming meetings, and ICP management, all with the aim of driving prospects to buy more and engage with them.

Agent Routing

When prospects request to chat with you, it's important to know, but it's even better if agents notified and routed to them when they show buying behaviors. When a prospect who is currently working with your sales rep returns to your website, for instance, the sales rep will be notified. This will include information on where they are, when they last visited, and so on.


It allows bot flows and web visitor behaviors to be used to send transactional emails. It provides a template builder, which allows key phrases, merge fields, etc., to be placed into a template, and can be customized based on ICP/segments. Using this, marketers can create templates quickly and send different emails based on accounts, visitors, and behavior.

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