Signals' Native HubSpot Integration

Combine the powers of Signals and HubSpot to generate more contacts!


Streamline your lead generation and nurturing processes

Generating new sales contacts can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, our integration simplifies the entire process. 

By integrating our platform, you can easily add companies and contacts that visit your website to your HubSpot CRM. 

This can help fill your team's calendars with deals and tasks, making the process of filling your sales pipeline smoother and more efficient than ever before. 

Why Use Signals & HubSpot?

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Know who is on your site

  • Go beyond account level tracking. Identify potential companies and know what they are looking at on your site and where they are in their buying journey.


  • Find out more information on companies from your CRM or Potential Customers that you can send back to HubSpot for your Sales team to contact. 
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Connect with Companies that Matter Most

  • Only send the contacts that are the best fit for your business. Segment based on existing HubSpot fields, or potential customers using visitor attributes like annual Revenue, employee count, location, and more.


  • Save your sales teams time and only send over the contacts that best match your company's ideal customer profile from Signals to HubSpot. 
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Discover Contacts

  • Don’t wait for visitors to fill out a form, know who they are and what they are doing.


  • Use Signals Contact Discovery to find prospects that fit your buying personas of who you want to sell to. 
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Keep Lead Information up to date

  • Gather data using artificial intelligence (AI) and target contacts from online user behavior.


  • Continually update and enrich company information as they come to your site.
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Shorten your Sales Cycle

  • Get a real time feed of who is on your website, and look-up prospects so you can connect with contacts at the time that matters most. Or better, chat with key companies in real time.


  • Assign contacts to the correct team members as they come in. 
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Screenshot 2023-04-03 110929

Alert your team

  • Notify your sales team of the companies they are already working with when they come to the site.


  • Receive alerts to Reengage with companies that have gone cold, target accounts, and open opportunities  

Turn web visits into sales leads

Customers are gaining thousands of qualified contacts a month using Signals' and HubSpot together!

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Check Out Our Case Studies

In ARR Booked Using Signals
David Pearson
“Our Sales Team knows that Signals is a system they can rely on, that it’s a system they can trust to get them the right leads at the right time”
David Pearson - Marketing Manager


Increase In Conversations To Meetings 
Marie Patterson
“Signals makes our business development team more productive by allowing us to have the right conversation with the right person at the right time.”
Marie Patterson - CMO


Increase in Meetings Booked
Sarah Fruy
"I love the data-driven approach Signals utilizes. Specifically, A/B testing has led to impactful discoveries and improvements"
Sarah Fruy - Director of Marketing


Start seeing your Buyers' signals

Signals is helping companies automate, grow, and close sales pipeline with industry-leading predictive intent scoring, lead generation, and real-time engagement.

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