Patrick Ketchum | Building a Team Brand in the Pandemic | Demand Gen Summit 2021

patrick ketchum building a team brand in the pandemic


In an interview with Billy, Patrick offers a comprehensive insight into how his companies have navigated the challenges posed by the pandemic through a dedicated focus on innovation and the strategic deployment of technology. Patrick delves into specific examples and case studies, elucidating how his organizations swiftly adapted their operations, implemented cutting-edge technologies, and reimagined their business models to not only weather the storm but also emerge as industry leaders in the evolving landscape, showcasing a compelling testament to their resilience, vision, and forward-thinking approach.


With a background in politics and technology, Patrick started 585 Strategies to provide medical care. He also created Inlay to facilitate medical staffing. 



“We have a lot of work to do. Healthcare in general has been turned upside down, not only because of the pandemic. People are now seeing that even if they don’t have a doctor nearby, go to a hospital regularly, or have a primary care provider, they can take responsibility for their own health. This created a giant opportunity in the market for us to fill to empower people and to disrupt the system that for so long so many people have complained about. Now for the first time, because of all the changes this year, we’re seeing that this won’t be solved by governments. It will be solved by private industries, entrepreneurs, and innovation.”