Anthony Blatner | LinkedIn Ads Quickstart | Demand Gen Summit 2021

anthony linkedin ads quickstart


Anthony, LinkedIn ads expert, outlines his top tips and use cases of LinkedIn, which can be a powerful tool in targeting specific roles. 


Anthony Blatner, CMO of Speedwork Social, has worked with hundreds of SaaS companies to optimize their LinkedIn ad campaigns. 

Key Points

LinkedIn Ads May be a Good Fit for you if: 

  • Your target customer is a very specific professional 
  • Your customer LTV is >15k. 
  • You have a sales process and you need quality leads to scale. 

LinkedIn Targeting Options 

  • Company Industry 
  • Company Size 
  • Education 
  • Job title 
  • Function 
  • Job seniority 
  • Years of experience 
  • Member skills 
  • Member interests 


  • LinkedIn isn’t affected by data changes 
  • Use specific, not broad, audiences 
  • Offer something that aligns with your product/service to keep the barrier to entry low 
  • Use short and direct copy in newsfeed ads 
  • See anyone’s ads on their company page 
  • Use the LinkedIn insight tag for free leads 


  • Avg. CPC: $8-10 
  • Avg. Cost/lead: $50-100 
  • Suggested LTV: $15k+ 
  • Suggested budget: $3-5k+