Mark Emond | The 5 Essential Elements of Revenue Marketing Success | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit

Mark Emond the 5 essential elements of revenue marketing success


Mark explains 5 essential aspects of revenue marketing success, including research, alignment, development, engagement, and automation. 


Mark founded and leads Demand Spring, an organization of dynamic, experienced individuals with a passion for working with B2B Marketers in building the marketing strategies, content, and technology stacks that drive transformation and top-line results. We work with organizations ranging from early-stage to many Fortune 500 organizations. 



“As a marketer today, how meaningful are you to the overall results, performance, and strategic nature of your organization? Probably pretty important.” 

“Revenue is the #1 metric that B2B marketers are measured on. Over 53% of B2B marketers are primarily measured on revenue.” 

“55% of B2B marketers are expected to initiate more than 30% of new pipeline, and 31% are expected to initiate more than 40%.” 

“The CMO has earned their seat at the C table.” 

“What systems do you have in place to think about, plan, execute, measure and analyze your revenue marketing results?”  

“Emotions and personal values play a very large role in B2B buying. There have been a lot of studies that have validated that personal values and emotions play a larger role than professional values and rational capabilities and features when it comes to B2B buying.” 

Key Points

5 Core elements in driving the top line of an organization as a marketer:

  1. Understand: Do deep primary research, qualitative and quantitative, to uncover what they are thinking, feeling, and doing at each stage of the buying process. Do your research to uncover insights, and operationalize it across your sales and marketing teams 
  1. Align: Align marketing and sales to work together towards the same goals. Be in alignment on SQLs, MQLs, plan, communicate, measure pipeline together. 
  1. Develop talent: Audit role gaps, skill gaps, talent plans, coach, teach. 
  1. Engage: Deliver buyer-centric multi-channel marketing campaigns targeted to personas. 
  1. Automate: Take everything and doing it to scale. Analyze the data.