In it to Win It: Tips for Deal Acceleration and Helping Sales

heidi bullock deal acceleration


Heidi goes through the process of optimizing every step of the funnel, including aligning on fundamentals, prioritizing and understanding accounts, and acting and driving results. 


Heidi is an industry- respected leader in SaaS marketing. She is CMO at Tealium, former CMO at Engagio (acquired by Demandbase), and former GVP Global Marketing at Marketo, an Adobe company. She specializes in product marketing and revenue generation across the customer life cycle. 


“Revenue is a team sport. We need to be working together. It’s not a handoff. It’s working cohesively across the entire process.” 

“We cannot focus on everything. We need to focus on our best bets and the greatest ROI.” 

Key Points

  1. Align on fundamentals 
  1. Marketing isn’t just ‘top of funnel’ 
  1. Be clear on roles and who is responsible for what 
  1. Prioritize and understand accounts 
  1. Where should I spend my time? Spend time on the most important accounts first 
  1. Clearly divide accounts into tiers, and create programs for each tier 
  1. Engagement is your key signal. Look at content, website, and event engagement to determine intent 
  1. Act and drive results 
  1. Frequently meet as marketers, AEs, and SDRs to discuss progress made, plan going forward, and blockages 
  1. Discuss account-specific plays, including new business play, expansion play, and deal acceleration play 
  1. If the account is engaged, the AE should reach out, but if they have, marketing and the SDR need to act 
  1. Know what tools are available to use, create insights 
  1. Target the account using gifts, ads, etc. 
  1. Track your progress to see what is and isn’t working 

Benefits of Tiering Accounts 

  • Align focus of sales management and marketing 
  • Standardize account ranking across all NA regions and globally 
  • Better communication across sales team 
  • Tune leadership prioritization and future account scoring 
  • Many downstream impacts predicated on account tiers: 
  • Influence prospecting Strategy and time allocation 
  • Increased marketing support for higher tier accounts