Sunniya Saleem | How to Accelerate Mid-funnel Demand | Demand Gen Summit Spring 2021

sunniya saleem accelerate mid-funnel demand


Sunniya explains how she optimized mid-funnel demand by analyzing, personalizing, nurturing, aligning, and delighting. 


Sunniya Saleem, Head of Demand Generation and Digital Marketing at Quickbase, is is responsible for revenue marketingdemand generationdigital marketing and field marketing. She has led her team to expand their strategy from a heavy transactional use case model, to driving value for the customer through marketing programs.


“If you want the prospect to answer, you have to understand the problem they’re trying to solve.” 

Key Points

Major Lessons from Sales 

  1. Sales is hard 
  1. Rejection is not personal 
  1. It’s not about my company, it’s about the prospect 
  1. Don’t start with a solution, guide them to it 
  1. Partnering with others is vital 

5 Ways to Accelerate Mid-Funnel Demand 

  1. Analyze: Understand what problem your target audience is looking to solve 
  1. Personalize: Craft the message in their language 
  1. Nurture: Surround the prospect with messages across channels 
  1. Align: Ensure tight alignment with your SDR partner 
  1. Delight: Provide a compelling offer for the prospect to take the next step