Changing the Conversation: Driving Demand

Marie Patterson Changing the Conversation Driving Demand Chatbots


Marie shares her tips on how to use chatbots to generate a high ROI in the form of capturing leads. She details the changes we need to make in how we think about the customer’s journey. 


As a pioneer of measurable ROI-based marketing automation, digital marketing and content marketing, Marie has spent the past 20+ years helping transform and grow international and US software companies in the digital archiving, governance, risk management and compliance sectors define and dominate their market sectors.



“Ask yourself: Who are our buyers? What are their concerns? How do they want to buy?” 

“Educating and exploring for buyers isn’t something that begins and ends just at the beginning of the funnel, it’s something that continues throughout the buying journey.” 

“We used to think of the B2B buying journey as linear, but it’s anything but linear these days. It’s complex and there is no one clear path.” 

“For us as vendors, we need to be wherever the buyer wants to be, and engage with them at every step in that buying journey.” 

“As a vendor, it’s crucial for us to sell in the way the buyer wants to buy. We need to make the buying experience a lot easier.” 

Key Points

Top Bot Goals:

  1. Make it easier/faster for web visitors to get what they need with conversational marketing(speak to someone now, information, demo, pricing, etc.) 
  1. Give visitors contextually accurate guidance 
  1. Increase website visitor engagement 
  1. Generate more sales opportunities (leads) 
  1. Accelerate/improve internal lead follow-up process