Brandon Bornancin | Writing the Perfect Sales Pitch

brandon bornancin persona driven outbound sales


Brandon outlines the 6 essential elements of a successful sales pitch. He emphasizes focusing on the prospect, complimenting them, and adapting your product to their needs. 


Brandon is CEO & Founder of Seamless.AI, #1 best-selling author of 10+ books, a serial salesperson (sold over $100M in sales), eight-figure entrepreneur (2x), and motivational speaker who is obsessed with helping you maximize your success.


“Psychologically, people want to get rid of pain more than they want to achieve a desired outcome.” 

“The best opener is positivity.” 

“A well-researched compliment brings down the barrier to listen to that call.” 

“The elevator pitch must be highly focused on their industry and what they do.” 

“Make it as easy as possible for your prospect to do zero work, and keep your CTA as simple as possible.” 

“Give so much value-added follow-up to your audience that when you do ask for them to book an appointment, it’s so easy for them to be interested in moving forward with that call to action that it’s a no-brainer.” 

Key Points

Key Points 

Persona-Driven Outbound Sales Scripts 

  1. Persona 
  1. Opener 
  1. Compliment & research 
  1. Elevator pitch 
  1. Credibility factor 
  1. Call-to-action 

Write, Practice, Role Play, & Memorize all your Sales Objections Scripts 

  1. I’m not interested 
  1. No budget 
  1. Already working with someone 
  1. I need to talk to my boss 
  1. I’m not the right person 
  1. It’s not a good time 
  1. Send me more information 
  1. Call me back later