A Day in the Life of Your Buyer | Alice Heiman | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

Alice Heiman a day in the life of your buyer


Alice Heiman underscores the significance of gaining a profound understanding of your customers’ daily lives, emphasizing the value of connecting with them on a human level. In her engaging discussion, she not only highlights the importance of empathy but also offers actionable insights on how businesses can authentically delve into the human experience of their customers, ultimately fostering deeper connections and more meaningful relationships in today’s competitive marketplace.


According to Forbes.com “Heiman is a diligent student and teacher of what works. She is among the world’s leading experts on the complex sale.” Heiman strategizes with CEOs and sales leadership to grow sales organizations and increase sales profitably. Originally, from the widely known Miller Heiman Group, Heiman and her team incorporate the newest research and best practices to provide sales programs that generate immediate and sustainable results. 



“Tell the story that helps your customer know that you can help them.” 

“Getting the day in the life of your buyer in your head will help you understand what your messages do to the middle of their day. Remember, they have a job to do with many, many tasks, and buying from you is just one small piece of everything else they have to do.” 

“Lack of consensus leads to no decision.” 

Key Points

Getting to know your buyer: 

  1. Think of a prospect from a recent sale 

2. Study them on social media 

3. Go to their team page and newsroom 

4. Use Zoominfo to collect information 

Your Buyer Exercise:

  1. Choose a person you know from a recent sale. Write down their name and title. 
  1. Starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. write down what you think their schedule is. 
  1. Write down the demands they face daily at work. 

Simplifying the buying process: 

  1. Create a Mutual Action Plan 

2. Go beyond the closed deal 

3. Make sure we have loyal customers, not just a transaction