Opening is the New Closing

opening is the new closing peter strohkorb


Peter runs through the new sales funnel, explaining how focusing on the customers’ perspective generates better results. 


Peter’s business, Peter Strohkorb Advisory – “More Sales, Faster” has helped clients win more sales, faster. He worked for 10 years’ owning and running several startups and another 20+ years’ in sales and marketing leadership roles in multinational technology corporations like Sony, 3M, Canon and CSC (now DXC). 


“Logic + emotion = success” 

“We need to turn around and say, what does our selling process look like from the customers’ perspective, and how can we tie in with that buying process the customer has? How can we help our customers make an informed buying decision to buy from us?” 

“A confused mind says no.” 

Key Points

Why opening is the new closing:

  1. Buyers no longer want to be sold to  
  1. “Always be closing” has run its course 
  1. Sellers need to sell smarter, not harder 
  1. Lead with customer engagement, not lead gen 
  1. Quality, not just quantity 

10 Point Buyer-Focused Sales Funnel 

  1. What is your brand promise? 
  1. How clear are you on your products & services? 
  1. How strong is your value proposition? 
  1. Who are your ideal prospects & customers? 
  1. Where are your ideal prospects & customers? 
  1. How do you access & engage them? 
  1. How can we eliminate our competitors? 
  1. How can you leverage a proposal process to win more? 
  1. How good is your customer experience? 
  1. Do you create customer advocacy?