Are you Fishing in the Right Pond? | Laura Patterson | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

Laura Patterson are you fishing in the right pond? segmentation, customer journey, personas


Laura fully explains the why and how of identifying, understanding, and marketing to audiences. 


As president of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., Laura is an expert in a customer-centric data-to-insights performance management approach to growth. Her specialties include customer onboarding, driving actionable insights from data, developing marketing metrics frameworks, and producing relevant marketing dashboards. 


“We don’t market to buckets of revenue.” 

“The purpose of business is to create a customer.” Peter Drucker 

“The success of your business is inherently intertwined with the success of your customer.” Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight 

“Segmentation is the natural result of the vast differences among people.” Donald Norman 

“Today’s customer journey is an iterative, complex, pinball of touchpoints.” David Edelman 

Key Points

Upstream Marketing 

  • Strategic process of identifying & fulfilling customer needs 
  • Developing clear customer segments 
  • Analyzing how customers use the product or service 
  • What competitive advantage will be required to acquire customer? 

Downstream Marketing 

  • Efforts intended to motivate customers to adopt existing products & services 
  • Advertising, promotion, brand building, PR, events, content, SEO 
  • Other communication & engagement 

Benefits of Segmenting your Audience: 

  • Provides insights into how the target makes a purchase & decised to buy 
  • Enables the development of tools designed to build an action that will motivate purchase 
  • Aligns marketing and sales around a common process & vocabulary 
  • Provides a measurement process & tool 
  • Affects product development investments 
  • Accelerates time to product adoption 
  • Drives pricing, channel, communication mix, positioning and messaging decisions 

Customer Buying Journey 

  • Investigate: What would they say is the problem they’re trying to solve? What do they need to move forward? 
  • Identify: How do they find the options? What do they need to move forward? 
  • Evaluate: How and who chooses who they evaluate? What do they need to move forward? 
  • Select: What do they need for us to be on the shortlist? Who decides? What do they need to move forward? 
  • Decide: What do they need to choose us? What do they need to move forward? 
  • Purchase 

Personas Contain at least these 9 Attributes 

  1. Basic demographics: age, role, length of time in position 
  1. Job responsibilities and typical day 
  1. Tasks that take longest and most critical or repetitive 
  1. Major frustrations with job and organization 
  1. What they like best about their job 
  1. What teams within organization person works with the most 
  1. Skill levels relating to the job and technology 
  1. How time rich or poor they are 
  1. Goals, attitudes, beliefs (conscious and subconscious)