Cold Calling Faster Master Class | Chris Beall | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

chris beal cold calling faster master class


Chris teaches how to cold call faster and more effectively using data-backed techniques. 


Chris Beall is CEO at ConnectAndSell. ConnectAndSell makes WFH for sales teams practical. Reps get 10x more conversations with decision-makers with zero effort. That makes prospecting – their most important job – fun and successful. ConnectAndSell gives managers perfect visibility, control, real-time coaching and continuous improvement – without violating anyone’s privacy. And it can be experienced for free in our famous Intensive Test Drive without leaving the comfort of your own WFH setup! 


“The human voice can create instant trust.” 

Key Points

  1. The prospect is afraid of you because you ambushed them and you’re invisible. You need to turn that fear into trust in about 7 seconds. Show them you see the world through their eyes. Offer a solution to the problem they have right now. That’s you. They need to get you off the phone. “Can I have 27 seconds to tell you why I’m on the phone?” Because if they listen to you for 27 seconds then you’re gone.  
  1. Take that trust you just got and turn it into curiosity. Use that 27 seconds not to describe business value, but to get them to book a meeting.  
  1. Turn curiosity into commitment in 16 seconds by answering the reasons they don’t want to take the meeting and eventually just send them the invitation and tell them you’ll reschedule if you have to.