David Dulany | The New GTM Organization | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

david dulaney the new gtm organization


David goes through the new Go-to-market organization strategy, including creating demand, converting demand, and fulfilling demand. 


David is a sales development expert! He hosts the #1 Sales Development Podcast and is Founder/CEO of Tenbound


“The customer doesn’t care about you or your company. They care about the problems they’re trying to solve and the status they could potentially reach, and the potential success that they could find by using different products to reach their goals.” 

“As you can see, no silos, no linear activity, no funnel. It’s all boiled down to: how well do we know our customer? How well do we know our customer journey? How well is our go-to-market strategy mapped to that customer journey? Then we have complete alignment and metrics to measure what we’re doing.”