How to Leverage a Personal Brand | Sam Nelson | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021


Sam outlines how to create and leverage your personal brand to create true fans, engaging content, and financial stability. 


Sam Nelson is an SDR leader at Outreach and a content creator. He has leveraged his personal brand to create a large following on LinkedIn and his popular sales training newsletter. 


Key Points

How to get a personal brand: 

  • It’s easier to build a personal brand than a company brand. It’s easier to use long-term strategies. The goal is for someone to install what you talk about and see positive results. 
  • With a personal brand, you can do powerful things that companies aren’t incentivized to do. 
  • You only need 10 true fans 
  • How to have the best content in the world is a strategy you have been successful with personally and a subject niche enough that you can have the best content available. Find your niche. Figure out what topic you can write the best content in the world about. 
  • A niche interest can actually appeal to several thousand people. 

How to leverage your personal brand: 

  • You have the person with the brand simply invite people. They simply need to notify their networks, and they will boost responses. 
  • It works on any list. Isolate the decision makers, and have the person with the brand in your space introduce the prospect to an SDR. 
  • Reach out to potential opportunity leads, and get a crazy response rate!