Suaad Sait | The Modern Saas Sales Leader Needs to be a Full Funnel Leader

suaad sait the modern saas sales leader needs to be a full funnel leader


Suaad Sait of XANT presents attributes that the Modern Sales Leader must have including focusing on the full funnel. 


Suaad is President of Growth at XANT. As a high tech industry senior executive, Suaad has played leadership roles at high growth software and cloud technology companies driving value creation of over $15B. Most recently, Suaad was the EVP, Products & Markets @ SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) and prior to that role, served as the first Chief Marketing Officer of Rackspace (NYSE: RAX). Suaad also serves as a venture advisor for Menlo Ventures. In addition, Suaad is the Chairman of ReachForce. As a passion Suaad has always advocated for diversity on teams he has been a part of and lead. 


“There are two kinds of sales leaders, there’s one kind that are, I call them super reps. These are people that were wildly successful as individual contributors, as salespeople, carriers probably crush that quota for decades on end, all great leadership DNA, so became leaders. And so what they bring to the table is leadership plus deal ninja, which means they get on the on planes, you know, pre COVID, of course, and get out to customers and really enjoy the art of closing a deal.” 

“The other category I see is people that are deeply intellectually enamored by the numbers and the scaling around the numbers of the sales process. And I called them in my vernacular, full funnel revenue leaders. And these are people that actually don’t think about the last mile of closing a deal. They think that they have highly effective salespeople who can do it, and that if they need help, they’ll raise their hand and ask for help. But really think about, you know, what is five steps behind getting the deal? And how do they effectively work with marketing and the sales development team to build enough output for almost like a manufacturing process thinking. If the goal is to make tree and make paper sheets of paper on this side, which is revenue, they really think about the trees, and how to source the trees and run them through the process such that the output is revenue.”

Key Points

Key Points 

1. Have marketing and sales agree on a definition for each stage of the funnel 

2. Focus not only on the closing the initial sale but on the renewal 

3. Make the data a priority