Dale Dupree | Creating a Robust Demand Funnel through Relationships and Branding

Dale Dupree creating a robust demand funnel through relationships and branding


Dale passionately shares his groundbreaking approach to sales, emphasizing the pivotal importance of building meaningful relationships, crafting compelling branding, and curating memorable experiences that resonate with clients and prospects. His insights have not only reshaped the sales landscape but have also inspired countless professionals to embrace a holistic and relationship-driven approach to achieving success in the field.


Dale Dupree stands at the helm as the visionary Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion, a dynamic enterprise dedicated to empowering sales professionals through innovative coaching and training methodologies. Beyond his role as a CEO, Dale is a multifaceted entrepreneur who wears many hats within the sales industry. He has successfully leveraged his wealth of experience and expertise to carve a unique niche in the business landscape. Additionally, he also the host of the Selling Local podcast and worked as a copier salesman for many years before beginning his own company. 



“Experiential sales techniques are the way of the future.” 

“People buy from people they like and trust, and people like you and trust you because you’ve built credibility through relevant, fun, different, entertaining experiences.” 

“Connection is the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to our sales, marketing, and demand gen efforts.” 

“They just want to know that the person on the other side gets it and is willing to have tough conversations with them.”

“Give experiences rather than just going through the motions.”