Darryl Praill | Sales and Marketing Alignment Done Right

darryl praill sales and marketing alignment done right


Darryl, with a background in sales, marketing, and revenue, explains 10 key steps to aligning your sales and marketing which can increase your overall revenue by 30%+. 


Darryl, CRO of VanillaSoft, is a veteran Vice President of Marketing, an occasional Vice President of Sales, and often a Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He’s an aggressive B2B SaaS revenue machine who has raised millions in funding, taken companies public, held executive roles with companies like SAP (Sybase), IBM (Cognos), Kinaxis (webPLAN), and Airbus (CML Emergency Services). 


“You win or you lose together, and when you put it all in writing and have alignment around expectations and assumptions, that all the confusion, all the finger-pointing, goes away.” 

“When you do this, your sales and marketing will transform. Your results will go through the roof. By simply getting aligned, you can increase your actual pipeline and your overall revenue by 30% or more.” 

Key Points

10 Ways to Align Sales and Marketing 

  1. Clearly defined roles and shared metrics 
  1. Document your target buyers and how do they buy? 
  1. Perfect your sales and marketing messaging 
  1. Define the perfect handoff from marketing to sales 
  1. Marketing and sales enablement tools need to cooperate 
  1. Align your content usage 
  1. Service level agreement 
  1. Meet regularly and often 
  1. Align your sales and marketing goals 
  1. Listen to sales calls