Shane Murphy | How to Supercharge Your Sales Funnel with “Pipeline Plays”

shane murphy how to supercharge your sales funnel with pipeline plays


Shane explains the ways marketing has fundamentally changed and how automatically sent out “pipeline plays” can revolutionize your strategy. 


Murphy-Reuter is Chief Marketing Officer at ZoomInfo. He comes to ZoomInfo with years of executive experience at companies selling data-powered software for go-to-market teams. Prior to ZoomInfo, he served as Senior VP of Global Marketing at Intercom, the world’s first Conversational Relationship Platform. Leading a 75-person team, he overhauled numerous functions of the marketing team, including content marketing and SEO. 

Prior to joining Intercom, he was VP of North American Sales and Marketing at AdRoll where he led a 100-plus person team across sales, account management, marketing, and operations, and managed the profit and loss for North America – more than 60 percent of AdRoll’s overall revenue. 


“Marketing has fundamentally changed. Gone are the days where we have this idea of a linear pipeline where marketing drops leads in the top, hands them to an SDR who would work that lead into a demo, who would hand it to an account rep, who would then work it through to a closed deal.” 

“For the most advanced companies and the ones that are doing this right, we think about the role that marketing can play across this so that we’re not just at the starting point of this but we’re all throughout the funnel.” 

“Pipeline is now a circular process, where sales and marketing are both interacting with the potential customer in order to drive intent and have them close.” 

Key Points

What are Pipeline Plays? 

  1. Data: your tech stack and your ZoomInfo Data Cloud 
  1. Set a trigger to automatically trigger an action 
  1. Choose an action to engage with them