Kyle Woodruff | Essential Building Blocks for a Great Demand Program | Demand Gen Summit

kyle woodruff demand generation essential building blocks


Kyle Woodruff explains his 3 essential building blocks to creating a great demand generation program: defining your target audience, value-based messaging, and mixing marketing channels. 


Kyle, VP of Marketing at Emmersion, has a strong background in marketing for some of Utah’s forefront technology companies, including Talkdesk, Pluralsight, and Domo. His entrepreneurial background has provided an effective platform to learn and apply business development and management skills. He is consistently able to identify and implement profitable improvements across many functional departments within organizations large to small. 


“It is very difficult to market to an audience that is not very narrowly defined.” 

“The data will tell you where you’re winning.” 

“Finding strong lead sources across multiple mediums is absolutely essential for a strong lead generation program.” 

Key Points

How to maximize your Demand Generation strategy:

  1. Define your target audience very narrowly 
  1. Find value- and needs-based messaging, not feature-based 
  1. Develop a strong mix of field and digital marketing channels