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Renata Centurion moments that matter & customer centricity: listen demand gen summit


Renata is a strategic visionary whose approach to business is centered around the art of crafting unforgettable experiences for customers. In her dynamic strategy, she recognizes that these memorable interactions not only cultivate loyalty but also act as powerful catalysts for the generation of recurring revenue streams. Her emphasis on customer-centric experiences as a means to foster long-term relationships and drive sustainable growth is both forward-thinking and results-oriented. Renata’s profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between exceptional experiences and business expansion positions her as a trailblazer in the industry, with her strategies poised to unlock exponential growth opportunities for those who embrace them.


Renata boasts a remarkable track record of over 20 years of expertise in B2B sales, having held pivotal roles in renowned multinational corporations such as Bayer, Merial, Groupon, and others. Today, she leverages this extensive experience as the Director for Latin America at  Winning by Design, where her wealth of knowledge continues to shape the landscape of successful sales strategies in the region.


Key Points

Keys to Rapid Growth 

  1. Customer-centric: how does it make you feel? 
  1. Recurring revenue: recurring revenue is the result of recurring impact 
  1. Aligned GTM team: focus on moments that matter to the client 
  1. Science-driven: your funnel is exponential, not linear