Lianna Kinard | How Empathy is Essential to Marketing

lianna kinard


Lianna, a marketing luminary, draws from her extensive experience to impart a crucial lesson gleaned from the pandemic: the paramount significance of deploying empathy in your marketing strategies to establish a deeper and more resonant connection with your customers. She not only elucidates the importance of empathy but also offers concrete strategies, real-world anecdotes, and best practices, enabling her audience to not only grasp the concept but also implement it effectively, ultimately enhancing their marketing efforts and fostering enduring customer relationships.


Lianna Kinard, VP of Marketing at The Buckner Company, has worked in marketing within insurance for the last decade. For the past 5 years, she has led The Buckner Company‘s marketing efforts, generating innovative strategies while overseeing the brand communications for seven offices. 


“The biggest thing I’ve learned during the pandemic was the use of empathy in our marketing strategy. Empathy for me has been something that’s near and dear to my heart, but I think in the business world it’s something that’s forgotten.” 

“At the end of the day, empathy builds trust.” 

“Empathy at its core is being able to relate and understand what someone else is going through.” 

“The end goal is to build a relationship and build trust, and the way we do that is through empathy.” 

Key Points

How to Implement Empathy in your Marketing Strategy 

  1. Understand: listening and trying to understand is at the core of empathy 
  1. Be present: ask the right questions and be present 
  1. Acknowledge: acknowledge that you may not have the right answer