How To Avoid Messaging Mistakes At Scale

Dan Baird

Key Takeaways Personality and product enrichment drives 50% more customer acquisition. If you are writing content based off of AI-assisted personalization, the ‘personalization’ is likely being used by others and therefore no longer feels ‘personal’. AI-assisted messaging should be used to change what you say based on where they are in the funnel and their…

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4 Tips to Improve Field Event ROI

Zach Barney

Key Takeaways It takes an average of 11 days to get a lead from an in-person event back to a sales rep to make their first call. Badge scanners don’t work! They don’t integrate with your CRM, people put in bad information, and are extremely expensive for a low ROI. The money is made after…

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Your B2B Customer Journey From Upper Funnel to Lead

Julianne Martin

Key Takeaways A high-level review of programmatic ecosystems like Above the Fold to create multi-channel ad strategies. How to create custom user journey’s based on your customer’s persona using Signals. By using different channels, you can help foster the upper funnel and then use retargeting ads to help customers through the funnel. The unique strategies…

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An Introduction to Revenue Marketing Analytics

Tracy Kraft

Key Takeaways Steps that are required for creating a successful Marketing Technology Strategy. Track everything, so that you can better understand what is working (or not working). When analyzing data, focus on the growth indicators for the company, campaigns, and channels. Data results must clearly communicate your desired outcomes to your audience in order to…

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Engagement Strategies to Keep Your Company Top-Of-Mind

Joel Primack

Key Takeaways Data metrics are the first step to successfully building a community-based cadence. Understanding your data helps you understand why people are interacting with your community and allows you to plan accordingly. Diving into the pros and cons of using NPS-styled scoring as your ‘north star’. Creating engagement pods on specific topics helps give…

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Using Conversational Surveys as a Lead Into Accounts

Jonathan Kennedy

Key Takeaways The importance of good data in any sales and marketing campaigns. ‘Spray and pray’ does not work for marketing anymore. C-suite executives are not the golden goose companies treat them like – they need the correct personal approach to convert. Generic spam is no longer effective. Marketers need to align with the sales…

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Including 1:1 Messaging In Automated Email Sends

Will Allred

Key Takeaways The impact and complexity of true personalization in email outreach. By creating personalized 1:1 messaging in cold emails, you can boost your average reply rate from 2% to over 20%. By segmenting the messaging to the initiatives of the buyers, you can foster growth in the pipeline and turn a simply reply into…

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Showcasing the Impact of Dark Social

Mason Cosby

Key Takeaways Dark Social works – how do you correctly attribute leads to the ‘dark funnel’ to appropriately allocate marketing efforts and funding? Open-ended form fills do not affect the quantity of form fills, but greatly increase the quality of the qualitative data you can gather. Blank form fills do cause problems with triggering automation,…

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Operations Q&A with ChatGPT

Kyle Freitas

Key Takeaways The key benefits and challenges in a company’s overall marketing strategy. How to align your tool with your overall strategies, and how to successfully implement your tech stack. Automation tools aren’t ‘set it and forget it’ – there is maintenance involved with automation and optimization as your metrics and strategies change. Best practices…

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AI & Sales Automation: 5 Paradigm Shifts for Winning Sales Teams

William Tyree

Key Takeaways Reps are spending less time selling now than ever before. They have too many tools to balance, and not enough time to sell. If you just have reps do more, rather than have them do better, you’re just going to get more average returns rather than truly better the sales process. 60% of…

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