On-Demand Presentation

Operations Q&A with ChatGPT

Key Takeaways

  • The key benefits and challenges in a company’s overall marketing strategy.
  • How to align your tool with your overall strategies, and how to successfully implement your tech stack.
  • Automation tools aren’t ‘set it and forget it’ - there is maintenance involved with automation and optimization as your metrics and strategies change.
  • Best practices for integrating sales automation into a sales process to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Kyle Freitas

Kyle Freitas is the Co-Founder and COO of The Operations Company. After implementing marketing automation plans and leading ops teams at companies like Google, Atlassian, and Electronic Arts (EA, as in EA Sports), he created the Operations Company. They offer a comprehensive set of operations services, including Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Revenue, Business, and Legal operations services - and are the only firm offering a full host of intergrated ops services. Kyle knows how to make each department optimized for whatever your business plans are, and we are excited to learn from his vast wealth of knowledge at the RevTech Summit!

Mollie Bodensteiner

Mollie Bodensteiner is the Global Revenue Operations Leader at Deel. She has 15+ years of marketing experience and has led teams at compaines like Marketo, Corteva, and Syncari. Additionally, Mollie is an advisor for Momentum.io and an executive member of Pavillion. We are excited to learn from Mollie's vast expertise in Marketing at the RevTech Summit!