What is Dark Social Marketing

Dark social refers to the sharing of content through private channels, such as messaging apps, email, and text messages, that cannot be tracked by web analytics tools.

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Outbound Sales Software for B2B Companies

Outbound sales software can help B2B companies identify key decision-makers within an organization and target them with personalized outreach. However, B2B outbound sales is a complex process that requires a combination of strategy, skill, and technology.

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Reporting: Frameworks and Lessons Learned

Jon Russo

Key Takeaways Many complaints for ABX platforms stem from the platform not having a true ‘place’ in a workflow or being inefficient in their data communication processes. There is a rift between Salesforce objectives and related activities that hinder selling effectiveness. The opportunity cost question – If you had more time to spend elsewhere, where…

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Education in Sales and Marketing

Shannon Gregg

Key Takeaways Changing the perception of salespeople in SaaS. The benefits of roleplaying and education to refine your sales techniques. Sales Ops education helps bridge the gap between tribal knowledge and expands the sales technology landscape. Education in marketing and sales helps expand the overall success of a company’s operations. Shannon Gregg Shannon Gregg, PhD.…

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Building a Marketing & Demand Generation Engine with Data

Shiv Narayanan

Key Takeaways To drive pipeline and revenue growth, Marketing needs to build 5 critical layers to reach sophistication. Companies with unpredictable marketing contributions and insufficient revenue impact often skip some or all of the critical layers. Delivering on the top 3 layers [Planning, Resourcing, and Revenue Growth as quickly as possible is key to driving…

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Capitalizing on Customers’ Signals

Steve Eror

Key Takeaways If you only use targeted marketing, you are missing large parts of your total addressable market. Targeted marketing is a tool to use alongside your general marketing cadences. Using a customer’s behavior signals to enhance MQL’s into highly qualified leads help increase close rates exponentially. Warm leads are not highly qualified leads –…

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Understanding the Dark Funnel: Aligning With The Way People Buy

David Dulany

Key Takeaways Insights for what it takes to grow pipeline and revenue in SaaS companies. Previously, salespeople shared what a product does and then people make a decision. Now, buyers already have done their research and a salesperson’s job is to assure that a product can meet all of their needs. Often, potential customers have…

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Taking Ownership of Go-To-Marketing Planning

Sangram Vajre

Key Takeaways The entire leadership should own the GTM motion – it is not just a sales or marketing strategy. GTM strategies are iterative and dynamic; you cannot simply ‘set it and forget it’. Successful companies need to have RevOps leaders, with clear visions and understanding of the company’s health, data, and strategy. The importance…

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The Science of Segmentation Using Your B2B Data

Mariah West

Key Takeaways There is so much importance in segmenting during your business’s marketing planning. Data segmentation needs to be recognized as a fluid tool, as people change on a continuous basis. To create a data segmentation, begin with an audit of your zero-party data. You will then combine it with your first-party data. Surveys are…

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