On-Demand Presentation

Reporting: Frameworks and Lessons Learned

Key Takeaways

  • Many complaints for ABX platforms stem from the platform not having a true ‘place’ in a workflow or being inefficient in their data communication processes.
  • There is a rift between Salesforce objectives and related activities that hinder selling effectiveness.
  • The opportunity cost question - If you had more time to spend elsewhere, where would the most revenue be sourced from?
  • Increasing productivity from a BDR level helps improve the total time-to-value of your sales motions.

Jon Russo

Jon Russo is the CMO and Founder of B2B Fusion. B2B Fusion helps identify new revenue conversion opportunities through a number of cutting-edge techniques. Their clients include Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more! Jon has over 10 years of experience as a SaaS CMO and has also run inside sales. He also sits on the Board of Directors of MOCCA, Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance, the industry best practice association that drives operational excellence in Marketing. We are excited to learn from Jon's vast expertise at the RevTech Summit!