On-Demand Presentation

Taking Ownership of Go-To-Marketing Planning

Key Takeaways

  • The entire leadership should own the GTM motion – it is not just a sales
    or marketing strategy.
  • GTM strategies are iterative and dynamic; you cannot simply ‘set it and
    forget it’.
  • Successful companies need to have RevOps leaders, with clear visions
    and understanding of the company’s health, data, and strategy.
  • The importance of all team members taking responsibility for net NRR.
  • Total Relevant Market (TRM) is a much more relevant KPI than total
    addressable market (TAM).

Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre is the Co-Founder and CEO of GTM partners. Additionally, he is the Co-Founder of Terminus, ranked among Deloitte's fastest-growing companies. Sangram the author of many novels, including 'Move: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework,' which was named a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. He also hosts Move: A Go-To-Market podcast, and leads the Peak Community group for CMO's and emerging CMO's.

Dave Elkington

Dave Elkington is highly active in the business community and an entrepreneur with 20 years of success. Dave founded InsideSales.com, and more recently Signals. Dave is also founder and board member of Silicon Slopes and serves as a member of Utah Tech University’s board of trustees. Additionally, he teaches entrepreneurship at and sits on the computer science and CVLC advisory boards at BYU. He is an active investor, advisor, and board member of several other technology and healthcare start-ups. Dave has authored articles appearing in Harvard Business Review, MIT, Kellogg School of Management and Forbes as well as having appeared on TV networks such as CNBC, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, BBC and MSN.