On-Demand Presentation

Capitalizing on Customers’ Signals

Key Takeaways

  • If you only use targeted marketing, you are missing large parts of your total addressable market. Targeted marketing is a tool to use alongside your general marketing cadences.
  • Using a customer’s behavior signals to enhance MQL’s into highly qualified leads help increase close rates exponentially.
  • Warm leads are not highly qualified leads – they are the most likely deals to close and increase a company’s ARR.
  • By interpreting behavior Signals, you can engage directly with accounts while they are interested.
  • Signal data gives marketers valuable information about what content customers engage with, allowing you to refine your company’s targeted marketing strategies.

Steve Eror

Steve Eror is the Sales Director at Signals. He attended the University of Utah and Western Governors University. Steve is an expert leader in sales and business development.

Sterling Kump

Sterling Kump is the Customer Success Director at Signals. He attended Dixie State University (ABM) and Saint Leo University (BBA) where he studied Business Management. Sterling is expert leader in customer success and business management.