On-Demand Presentation

Education in Sales and Marketing

Key Takeaways

  • Changing the perception of salespeople in SaaS.
  • The benefits of roleplaying and education to refine your sales techniques.
  • Sales Ops education helps bridge the gap between tribal knowledge and expands the sales technology landscape.
  • Education in marketing and sales helps expand the overall success of a company’s operations.

Shannon Gregg

Shannon Gregg, PhD. is the president of Cloud Adoption Solutions, a woman-owned Salesforce consultancy focused on change management and user adoption for regulated environments. Additionally, Shannon is an adjunct professor at Point Park University and is the course author for their class 'Technology and Innovation in Marketing and Sales'. She has also taught courses in Professional Selling, Advanced Professional Selling, and Principles of Marketing. On top of being a CRM guru and top-tier teacher, Shannon is also the author of "It's About Time: How to do More of What Matters in the Time You Have." We are excited to learn from Shannon's wealth of knowledge at the RevTech Summit!

Dorene Ciletti

Dorene Ciletti, Ph. D., is a guru of marketing and sales! She has over 20 years of experience teaching the next generation of Marketing and Sales professionals and has taught and written courses for Point Park University and Duquesne University. Dorene is passionate about teaching, engaged in research, and committed to service. Additionally, she has been recognized for innovation in curriculum design, community engagement, and assurance of learning in higher education. We don't mean this facetiously - Dorene 'wrote the book' for marketing and sales.