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Understanding the Dark Funnel: Aligning With The Way People Buy

Key Takeaways

  • Insights for what it takes to grow pipeline and revenue in SaaS companies.
  • Previously, salespeople shared what a product does and then people make a decision. Now, buyers already have done their research and a salesperson’s job is to assure that a product can meet all of their needs.
  • Often, potential customers have done social research on your company before they ever visit your website.
  • Explore strategies for influencing the Dark Funnel, including events, content, review sites, and targeted niche communities.

David Dulany

David is the Founder and CEO of Tenbound, a Research and Advisory firm focused on B2B Sales Pipeline and Revenue. They are leaders in cutting-edge SaaS research, and host a number of events and webinars that bring together all levels of management to learn and network, with a focus on Sales Development. Additionally, they provide advisory services to help companies with sales development. David is a sales mastermind, and spent years perfecting his techniques at companies like Infer, OpenDNS (Acqiured by Cisco), and Glassdoor.

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