On-Demand Presentation

The Science of Segmentation Using Your B2B Data

Key Takeaways

  • There is so much importance in segmenting during your business's marketing planning.
  • Data segmentation needs to be recognized as a fluid tool, as people change on a continuous basis.
  • To create a data segmentation, begin with an audit of your zero-party data. You will then combine it with your first-party data.
  • Surveys are a great tool to enrich your company’s first-party data.

Mariah West

Mariah West is the accomplished and dynamic Vice President of Marketing at ViB, a leading and trusted B2B demand generation partner known for its unwavering commitment to connecting tech providers with potential buyers, a legacy that has been built and sustained over the course of more than a decade; through innovative and proprietary approaches, ViB has successfully cultivated a millions-strong community of decision makers and end-users, who are not just passive but actively engaged in the exciting realm of discovering new technologies and emerging companies that will shape the future. Leveraging a comprehensive range of B2B services, including appointment setting, email marketing, and deterministic targeting, ViB plays a pivotal role in assisting B2B technology companies in forging the warmest and most productive path into their target accounts, ensuring continued growth and success in the competitive tech market landscape.