On-Demand Presentation

4 Tips to Improve Field Event ROI

Key Takeaways

  • It takes an average of 11 days to get a lead from an in-person event back to a sales rep to make their first call.
  • Badge scanners don’t work! They don’t integrate with your CRM, people put in bad information, and are extremely expensive for a low ROI.
  • The money is made after an event. People are on guard against salespeople when walking trade show floors.
  • Sign people on the spot – 82% of attendees have buying authority, and 49% of attendees plan on buying at least one product when they attend a trade show.

Zach Barney

Zach Barney is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mobly, an up-and-coming tech startup from Silicon Slopes! Mobly is an app that allows you to automate uploading your real-life contacts into your CRM in seconds. Additionally, Zach is a host of the PassiveRE Podcast. Zach was a founding member of Sales Hacker, Inc. and is the founder of Zach Barney Ventures. He is experienced in growing companies from seed to going public, and we are excited to learn from his vast experience!