On-Demand Presentation

Including 1:1 Messaging In Automated Email Sends

Key Takeaways

  • The impact and complexity of true personalization in email outreach.
  • By creating personalized 1:1 messaging in cold emails, you can boost your average reply rate from 2% to over 20%.
  • By segmenting the messaging to the initiatives of the buyers, you can foster growth in the pipeline and turn a simply reply into a qualified lead.
  • Using intent data to cue you into what companies to target with 1:1 messaging.

Will Allred

Will Allred, a highly successful entrepreneur and a proud graduate of the University of North Carolina, serves as the Co-Founder and COO of Lavender, a pioneering platform committed to helping sales teams craft more effective emails efficiently, setting new standards in the industry. Lavender, an AI-powered email assistant, goes above and beyond by conducting thorough prospect research, meticulously verifying email validity, and accurately assessing the likelihood of your email being flagged as spam, which collectively reinforces Will Allred's position as a highly influential and notable figure in the realm of innovative sales solutions, as attested by his well-deserved recognition as a Top Sales Voice on LinkedIn in the year 2021.