On-Demand Presentation

AI & Sales Automation: 5 Paradigm Shifts for Winning Sales Teams

Key Takeaways

  • Reps are spending less time selling now than ever before. They have too many tools to balance, and not enough time to sell.
  • If you just have reps do more, rather than have them do better, you’re just going to get more average returns rather than truly better the sales process.
  • 60% of sales teams will be using AI to augment human intelligence during discovery meetings and demos by 2026.
  • By 2025, 61% of opportunity activities will be informed by AI, not experience.
  • 83% of high-performing enterprise sales teams will use AI-driven next-best action forecasting by 2025.

William Tyree

William Tyree has served in leadership roles at B2B SaaS companies for over 15 years. William is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Revenue.io, assisting clients in optimizing their entire revenue operation. He was awarded a patent for systems and methods involving real-time communications platforms and/or processing. Additionally, William volunteers with SPCA International to assist with their Digital Marketing.