On-Demand Presentation

Showcasing the Impact of Dark Social

Key Takeaways

  • Dark Social works – how do you correctly attribute leads to the ‘dark funnel’ to appropriately allocate marketing efforts and funding?
  • Open-ended form fills do not affect the quantity of form fills, but greatly increase the quality of the qualitative data you can gather.
  • Blank form fills do cause problems with triggering automation, but it helps you gather better data for the full funnel.
  • Best practices for revenue sourced reporting for tactics and channels.
  • After you determine where the customer came from, update your CRM and adjust your future funnel tactics accordingly.

Mason Cosby

Mason is the host of The Marketing Ladder podcast, which has been name among the top 50 business podcasts to listen to! Mason currently served as the Director of Growth at Gravity Global, is a brand ambassador for GURU Events and HYPCCCYCL, and is a member of Peak Community. Previously, Mason led Mojo Labs as their Director of Growth, Marketing Director, and Digital Marketing specialist, and effectively managed their brand through Mojo Lab's acquisition by Gravity Global. Mason is passionate about helping marketers grow their companies and careers, and shares daily insights on personal and corporate growth.