On-Demand Presentation

Engagement Strategies to Keep Your Company Top-Of-Mind

Key Takeaways

  • Data metrics are the first step to successfully building a community-based cadence.
  • Understanding your data helps you understand why people are interacting with your community and allows you to plan accordingly.
  • Diving into the pros and cons of using NPS-styled scoring as your ‘north star’.
  • Creating engagement pods on specific topics helps give people access to topics that keep them coming back for more.
  • The heart and soul of your community should not be automated – but you can automate things behind the scene to help boost your community engagement.

Joel Primack

Joel is the Co-Founder of Revenue Era, a community for marketing teams obsessed with driving revenue. Additionally, Joel is the host of 'The Community-Led Growth Show.' Previously, Joel was a Social and Community Specialist at Lattice and served in their Resources for Humans Community - a community of knowledge sharing for HR and People Ops professionals. Joel is the Guru you need for learning about community building, and how to stay relevant by creating recurring content!