On-Demand Presentation

An Introduction to Revenue Marketing Analytics

Key Takeaways

  • The steps required for creating a successful Marketing Technology Strategy.
  • Track everything, so that you can better understand what is working (or not).
  • When analyzing data, focus on growth indicators for the company, campaigns, and channels.
  • Data results must clearly communicate your desired outcomes to your audience to avoid analytics misalignments.
  • The differences between executives and marketing approaches to data, and how to best communicate performance.

Tracy Kraft

Tracy is the VP of Global Revenue Marketing at Demandbase. She is a leader in GTM strategy and growth marketing, and has extensive experience with global high-growth enterprise software companies. Tracy is an active member of Growth Blazers, Women in Revenue, and Women of Martech and has built a community of leaders changing the face of SaaS. Before working with Demandbase, she was the VP of marketing at Marqueta and the Director of Marketing at Salesforce. We are excited to learn from her at the RevTech Summit!