Scott Logan | How to Get the Meeting | Demand Gen Summit

Overview Scott outlines the how and why of the calendar-first approach, a radically effective new approach to engaging qualified leads.  Speaker Scott, VP of Marketing at Kronologic, is an experience demand generation leader who builds strategies to grow B2B companies.  Quotes “We’re too focused on outputs, not opportunities.” “Opportunities created and pipeline are not the best…

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Ed Bilat | Storytelling in Sales | Demand Gen Summit 2021

ed bilat storytelling in sales

Overview Storytelling has a profound impact on people. It effortlessly shifts your audience into their imaginative state where you dictate not only the direction of the story but also the path you want your prospect to take. It’s the only technique that allows you to build instant connections and instill trust in less than a…

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Sunniya Saleem | How to Accelerate Mid-funnel Demand | Demand Gen Summit Spring 2021

sunniya saleem accelerate mid-funnel demand

Overview Sunniya explains how she optimized mid-funnel demand by analyzing, personalizing, nurturing, aligning, and delighting.  Speaker Sunniya Saleem, Head of Demand Generation and Digital Marketing at Quickbase, is is responsible for revenue marketing, demand generation, digital marketing and field marketing. She has led her team to expand their strategy from a heavy transactional use case model, to driving value for the customer…

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Peter Strohkorb | Opening is the New Closing | Demand Gen Summit

opening is the new closing peter strohkorb

Overview Peter runs through the new sales funnel, explaining how focusing on the customers’ perspective generates better results.  Speaker Peter’s business, Peter Strohkorb Advisory – “More Sales, Faster” has helped clients win more sales, faster. He worked for 10 years’ owning and running several startups and another 20+ years’ in sales and marketing leadership roles in multinational technology corporations like…

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Brandon Bornancin | Writing the Perfect Sales Pitch

brandon bornancin persona driven outbound sales

Overview Brandon outlines the 6 essential elements of a successful sales pitch. He emphasizes focusing on the prospect, complimenting them, and adapting your product to their needs.  Speaker Brandon is CEO & Founder of Seamless.AI, #1 best-selling author of 10+ books, a serial salesperson (sold over $100M in sales), eight-figure entrepreneur (2x), and motivational speaker who…

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Keriann Aronson | Inbound Lead Engagement Magic

Keriann Aronson inbound lead engagement magic

Overview Keriann explains her strategy in engaging with inbound leads, including testing, qualifying, and using data and automation while maintaining a personal touch.  Speaker Keriann is the Business Development Manager at Pantheon Platform. She manages and trains BDRs, often exceeding her quotas.    Quotes “Since our team is made up of different functions, it’s really important to…

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Renata Centurion | Moments that Matter & Customer Centricity: Listen | Demand Gen

Renata Centurion moments that matter & customer centricity: listen demand gen summit

Overview Renata’s strategy involves creating memorable experiences for customers that drive recurring revenue and exponential growth.  Speaker Renata has been working with B2B sales for more than 20 years, in multinational companies like Bayer, Merial, Groupon, and others. Fast forward to today, Renata is the Director for Latin America at Winning by Design.    Key Points Keys to…

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Lorena Morales | The Intersection between ABM & RevOps

lorena morales intersection between abm & revops

Overview Lorena explains her strategy around Revenue Operations and how both revenue and sales departments should shift their approach to the funnel.  Speaker Lorena is the head of marketing at Go Nimbly, the first revenue operations consultancy with the goal of driving high-growth companies to increase revenue by 26% through eliminating operational silos. She is…

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