2020 Wrap-up: New Features of Our AI Chatbots

2020 was hectic to say the least! Despite all the challenges, our AI chatbots have seen some big wins throughout this year! We have the top engineering team who has been working tirelessly not only to fix the bugs, but to build out amazing new features within the product. In 2020 alone, there have been 5 major new features: the FAQ bot, agent performance tracking, integrations, the testing platform, and live view.

Here’s a rundown of each new feature.

1. The FAQ AI Chatbot

This bot allows for 24/7 customer support. It provides answers to common queries, allowing customers to get their questions answered immediately.

On average, chatbots can answer 80% of common questions!

It not only answers frequently asked questions, but it can provide your customers with links to relevant and useful content, aid in navigating your site, and even direct them to live chat if needed.

To set it up, all the bot needs is a knowledge base that you provide for it. Decide what questions and topics your customers are asking about and what answers you want the bot to give. It’s an intelligent auto trainer that uses machine learning to interpret the questions and provide the best answer.

It’s a win win! Your team no longer has to waste time with tedious phone calls, and your customers get the answers they need in the moment they need them.

The FAQ bot aids in a smoother customer journey because it greatly improves your customer service.

(To learn more about our FAQ bot and what it can do for you, check out this article.)

2. Agent Performance Tracking

This feature drives team morale and overall performance in regards to live chat.

If you already have live chat set up on your website, you know that it is useless if your team does not promptly respond to the chats coming in.

The agent performance tracking feature is a way to encourage your team to prioritize customer support through live chat and measure their success in that.

Receiving immediate feedback on your performance highly impacts future performance for the better.

It tracks 5 key metrics for each team member: response time, response rate, email capture rate, meetings booked rate, and total conversations.

  • Response time: how long it took you on average to respond to a chat routed to you
  • Response rate: percentage of chats routed to you that you responded to
  • Email capture rate: how many visitors provided their emails to you out of how many chats routed to you
  • Meetings booked rate: how many chats led to booking a meeting out of how many chats routed to you
  • Total conversations: total chats routed to you

Each metric is displayed by ranking against other members of the team.

This feature will amplify your team’s performance and the effectiveness of your chatbots.

(For a more in depth description of the agent performance tracking feature, check out this article.)

3. Integrations

We now have integrations with Salesforce, Zapier, Google Analytics, Domo, Marketo, Clearbit, and Zoominfo.

These integrations allow you to connect ChatFunnels AI chatbots with your current sales and marketing stack. It’s yet again another amazing feature that has enhanced our product immensely. 

Your access to these integrations depends on your package.

4. Testing Platform For AI Chatbots

The key to increasing conversion rates using bots is testing, testing, and more testing.

Our testing platform, the ChatFunnels Experiment, uses machine run A/B tests on all AI chatbots. All you have to do is decide the goal of the test, set up the test, make iterations to a bot, and let the testing platform do its thing!

The purpose of testing your bots is to determine which version yields higher results. And the results depend upon what key metric you choose to test. There are five key metrics to choose from: emails captured, meetings booked, primary goals reached, secondary goals reached, and routed to live chat.

Testing is crucial in order to optimize conversion rates and make data driven decisions. Changing the opening message, qualifying questions, and even the question order can yield amazing results.

Stop guessing and start testing!

(For a more in depth explanation of the ChatFunnels Experiment, check out this article or watch Mark Bryson’s videofrom the Demand Gen Summit.)

5. Live View

Out of all the new features, live view is the most recent! It notifies you when someone visits your website wherever you have AI chatbots activated on your site.

You can view who is on your website, what company they are from, when they first visited your site, and how many times they’ve been on your site.

Previously, live chat was only available once the visitor engaged with the bot and selected live chat. Now, the moment you receive a notification that someone is on your site, you can directly jump into live chat with them.

Live view speeds up the marketing and sales process by allowing you to engage with prospects right when their interest is piqued.


Once again, we’d like to give a big shoutout to our amazing engineering team! These new features have enhanced our AI chatbots immensely.

Stay tuned, because there’s many new features to come in 2021!


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